2007 | Petits pavillons et autres folies (Artefact Montreal – Urban Sculptures) sculptures in situ, Ste-Hélène Island, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Curators : Gilles Daigneault and Nicolas Mavrikakis)

Photos © Guy L’Heureux

I want the ensemble of pieces in Hedging to reflect the general sense of wonderment I felt when first visiting Expo 67 and the city of Montreal. I did not at the time distinguish between the marvels of the Expo site and the sense of grandeur I felt looking at the profile of the Jacques Cartier Bridge or my conviction that the metro of Montreal embodied the pinnacle of modernism and sophistication. I was as taken with the rubber wheels of the trains as I was with the bright colours of the walls of the Métro.  

So, although I was completely absorbed by the prodigious architectural feats of the Expo pavilions particularly their extravagance geometry, I was equally struck by the outline of the bridge and the bright ceramics of the circles punctuating the Peel Métro. These three memories continue to nurture my imagination over the years and have generated the pieces of Hedging.