2012 | Les Perles, Barjols, France

Performance Drunken Tutor, in conjunction with the two-person exhibition, Jusqu’au bout des doigts, Michel Daigneault and Stephen Schofield.

Drunken Tutor is a light and huge figure made from one hundred and sixty-seven pieces of fabric sewn together and stiffened with sugar. More precisely, it is five meters fifteen centimeter in length from feet to fingertips. A group of children were invited to carry the figure throughout the town of Barjols, France. Some of them wore gloves sewn for the occasion, and amongst others, a fox’s head and a child’s head, also of starched cloth, to form a small procession through the streets and alleys of the city. Going down the hill from the upper town they stopped at various water basins to wash and melt down first the gloves, then the fox’s head, the child’s head then the heads of other animals and finally to end the procession by sliding the body of the great figure in the largest wash basin in the city, that of Captain Vincens, to slowly soak and soften the enormous figure of the fallen hero.