1979 | 1591 Clark Street studio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The performance is based on the children’s game, Scissors, Rock and Paper. The game space is delimited by a 7,6 X 7,6 m (25’ X 25’) sheet of translucent paper. A rope linked the performer, Ann Lyons, was wrapped around the central column.  As she starts to walk cutting the paper before her, she cuts out a spiral, the shape of which is dictated by the rope as it unwinds from the column.  After four and three quarter turns, she arrives at the end of the  sheet of paper she uncovers two rocks.  She puts the scissors on one and then breaks the scissors with the other. A second version of this performance was produced as a two channel video presented on the Art Channel in 1980 for the television series  Art Montreal, Video/Performance art in Quebec. A third version was presented with a different performer in 1997 at L’Ecole supérieure des arts plastiques de Valenciennes, Valenciennes, France.