Photos © Idra Labrie, MNBAQ

The ensemble Florès traces the shrinkage of a porcelain clay human figure from its moist and malleable clay state to its final firing to become a translucent ceramic object. This process was repeated through seven successive generations of moulds to produce a set of seven sculptures. The first is 93 cm tall, the size of a very small man (hence the reference to the hominid found on the Flores Island of Indonesia) and the last, after the seventh iteration of the moulding and casting process, has shrunk to 30 cm (the size of a doll) with an accompanied loss of detail and an accumulation of parasitic details. 


2018, Fait Main, group exhibition, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Québec (curator Bernard Lamarche, catalogue)

2018, 25 ans de creation(s) entre art et technique, Centre de recherché sur les arts du feu et de la terre au Musée Casseaux, Limoges, France

Florès rouge, 2017, foundry wax and hydrocal, 50x85x29 cm

Photo © Guy L’Heureux.